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Stop Dieting! Diets Don’t Work. – part 3

Managing Weight Loss

by Jerry Adney [1]

photo by Jerry Adney

Ever had this happen? You eat a pastry. Feel energized. Then soon after, fatigued. And what?! Hungry again! And the craving won’t leave you alone. It nags you to nibble on something else. You’ll feel guilty if you eat more, but you have no choice. Your desk is filled with work and you need a sugar boost.


So you eat a snack bar. The craving disappears. But soon after you’re tired again, only this time with a mild headache. You check the clock. It’s only 10 a.m. There is no way you can handle your day with a headache. Defeated, you trash the idea of “cutting back on caffeine today” and head for your second cup of coffee.


The daily indulgence of high sugar treats and caffeine wreak havoc on the body. Plus they put you on a vicious cycle of false happiness that is soon after followed by fatigue and mental downers like, sadness and depression.


I want you to know that you CAN stop this self-inflicted train wreck and get control of your body.


In parts 1 and 2 of Managing Weight Loss [2], you learn how to mentally get control over food addictions, and gain insights on what and how to eat for successful weight-loss and weight-management.


With the mental part being the most important to get control of, and then getting a grip on what food to eat being next, the third fundamental key to losing weight and keeping it off is …


Physical Activity

Aka, EXERCISE. If you don’t like the “E” word, then simply call it physical activity. I have heard many clients say they hate exercising. Truth be told, that’s not what they mean, since most of them enjoy strolling down the grocery store isles filling their basket with goodies, and they don’t mind the numerous times they get up off a chair and walk to the kitchen to grab a sweet treat.


The word exercise has become more of a negative word, since the baby-boomer generation. Our lives have become so busy, that we find it nearly-impossible to carve out time for ourselves. Our diets have changed so drastically, where we are ingesting an exorbitant amount non-foods (GMOs [3]) and chemicals from pesticides [4], that humans worldwide are more overweight than ever before.


Here’s A Reality Check Regarding “Exercise”


Most of those things you don’t mind doing. Right? You naturally accept them as a part of life, primarily because they are things you have to do.


Exercising is something that should be accepted as a part of life too. It keeps your blood flowing, helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, keeps you mentally energized, and contributes significantly to your mental well-being. Plain and simple, exercise adds to your happiness.


Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

When approaching exercise, make sure you don’t go all out the first time and do such an intense workout that you are exceptionally sore and burned out the next day. The goal is to start out moderately, in a way that increases the heart rate and causes you to perspire.


If you go walking with a friend, be sure that you are panting while talking, versus chatting and not being winded. When you decide to do physical activity, commit to the activity. Even if it is something as simple as you decide at work to do a leg lift and hold for one-minute every hour, or something more demanding after work as a 30-minute jog on a hilly path. Either way, commit to it.


The great thing is that you have no excuse to avoid physical activity, because you can use a variety of apparatuses in your environment to exercise.


A terrific way to burn stomach fat, tighten abdominal muscles, and strengthen the back is to do abdominal draw-ins. You can do them standing, sitting, driving, anywhere. An abdominal draw-in is squeezing abdominals inward and holding them in as deep and tight as possible. When you relax after holding them for as little as 30 seconds, your stomach does not return to its original position immediately, because the muscles are still tight from the workout. Keep doing this and your abdominals naturally become tighter … and yes, stay in.


The following chart highlights exercises you can easily do anywhere.





If you have health concerns, please consult with your physician regarding exercises that are healthy for you.


Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated and knowing your limits, are at the foundation of having a safe workout.


Warm up and cool down your muscles (at least five minutes) before/after strenuous exercise. You can do stretches or a slow paced walk.


Set reasonable goals for daily physical activity that helps weight loss and/or maintains a healthy weight.


Take the stairs versus the elevator, when there is a flight of stairs available.


In the parking lot, park far away from the store’s front entrance.


During your work lunch break, take a 10-minute brisk walk.


If you want to drop pounds fast, cardio is the way to do it. So if you are not ready to run a marathon, sprint up mountains, or jog on a treadmill, you can always walk.



Do not make a big deal out of exercising daily, just do it. Use what you are blessed with, move it and increase your heart rate.


Don’t get discouraged that you aren’t doing what others can do. Just focus on you and do your best. Plus challenge yourself to do better.


No Time To Workout?

You can do stretches, resistance work, calisthenics, muscle strengthening and toning exercises anywhere, as long as you have space to do them.


You can put on music and dance. Or how about dancing while cooking? Why not catch up with someone on the phone while taking a brisk walk outside? Opportunities for physical activity are all around you.


Prefer Going To The Gym?

Like being around other people trying to get in shape? Or is watching the shapely eye-candy what motivates you? Whatever it is, make sure when you are in the gym you are maximizing your time and getting in a good workout.


You can start with a 30-minute high-intensity cardio and fat burning workout. Then extend the time to one hour, with a 30-minute medium-intensity cardio workout and a 30-minute fat burning workout.


There are numerous workout routines you can design for yourself. The bottom line is to purposely include physical activity in your day that causes you to lose weight or maintain it. Of course, exercise should be coupled with a healthy diet and mindset.


Key Points To Remember From This Blog Series on Managing Weight Loss


Healthiness is a pathway to happiness. May you be successful!


Wishing you happiness.


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