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Session Guidelines for Clients

Last modified: April 4, 2013

We created MySupportPal, an advice and personal consulting service, to help people solve life’s challenges. MySupportPal promotes open communication. In a session, we aim to provide you with confidential and trustworthy advice. All Client information shared during a session will be held confidential by MySupportPal. Client information may never be disclosed or sold to anyone for any purpose. Generic references may be made for the sake of public interviews and marketing, while always maintaining Client anonymity.

In order for us to help you and create a favorable session experience, we therefore establish these Session Guidelines for Clients as follows:

  1. At The Beginning of Each Session (except for the 5 minute session):

    The MySupportPal employee will ask the Client to do three relaxation breaths (inhaling and exhaling). The Client may skip this step if they desire.

  2. Prohibitions:

    a. The Client is prohibited from unlawful conduct, and mentioning killing or murdering a human or animal.
    b. The Client is prohibited from seeking advice on harming a human and/or animal.
    c. The Client is prohibited from verbally abusing or harassing a MySupportPal employee.
    d. The Client is prohibited from directing illicit sexual communications to a MySupportPal employee.
    e. The Client is prohibited from impersonating another person.

  3. Disclaimer:

    MySupportPal services are not for urgent health matters, urgent safety concerns, severe mental illness, suicide prevention or any other urgent situations concerning the decision between and/or involving life and death. If during the session a Client shares they are experiencing any of the aforementioned situations, then the MySupportPal employee will immediately stop the session and recommend the Client calls 911 and/or any other appropriate service for help.

  4. The minimum age for a Client is 18 years old.
  5. Terms of Service:

    By scheduling a session, Client agrees to the Terms of Service. There are no refunds when a Client breaches the Session Guidelines for Clients or Terms of Service.

  6. Reschedule, Cancellation, and Refund:

    If you need to reschedule or cancel a session, email us at session@mysupportpal.com no later than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session. There are no refunds for a session cancelled less than 24 hours prior to its scheduled session. When MySupportPal calls you for your session, if you do not answer the phone call or the call goes into voicemail, MySupportPal will attempt to call you no more than three times during your session time frame to start your session. There are no refunds if you are unavailable for your scheduled session, except for when there is force majeure (see #4 in Terms of Service).

We are here as your confidant and objective support team, whenever you need us. Thank you for choosing MySupportPal to be a part of your personal support network!

Your MySupportPal Team