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What if I just want to vent?

Many people do this, why shouldn’t you? Feel free to vent and use the session time to blow off steam.

How do I decide on a length for my session?

If you are just venting, decide on how long it will take and book a comparable timeframe. If you want feedback, you need to consider the scope of on what you want advice. Be sure to allow extra time to answer questions from the SupportPal. As a recommendation, it is best to focus on a single issue.

During my session I realize I need more time. What do I do?

Book another session through If you wish, at the end your session you may inform the SupportPal that you would like to return for another session.

Can I use profanity during my session?

It's your choice. We want you to be comfortable expressing your truth.

What am I prohibited from saying during a session?

The Client is prohibited from: 
• Mentioning killing and/or murdering a human and/or animal.
• Seeking advice on harming a human and/or animal.
• Verbally abusing a MySupportPal employee.
• Directing illicit sexual communications to a MySupportPal employee.

What happens if I violate a prohibited guideline?

When a Client breaches a prohibited guideline, the SupportPal will inform the Client of the breach and announce termination of the session. There are no refunds when a Client violates the Terms of Service and/or Session Guidelines for Clients.

May I scream and yell during my session?

Please try to warn the SupportPal prior to screaming or yelling, so the SupportPal may pull the phone away from their ear.

Do I have to take deep breaths before I start sharing my problems with the SupportPal?

Not if you don’t want to.

What if I don’t like what the SupportPal says to me?

Feel free to inform the SupportPal and/or email

What if the phone gets cut off or signal is lost/dropped during my session?

In the case of force majeure, governmental action, power failures, disruption of satellite service, or inability to obtain and/or maintain technical communications services, a MySupportPal representative will contact the Client via telephone or email to reschedule the remaining portion of the session, once a communication apparatus becomes available.

What if I need to reschedule and/or cancel my session?

Email us at no later than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session. There are no refunds for a session cancelled less than 24 hours prior to its scheduled session.

What if I am unable to answer the MySupportPal phone call at the start of my session?

When MySupportPal calls you for your session, if you do not answer the phone call or the call goes into voicemail, MySupportPal will attempt to call you no more than three times during your session time frame to start your session. There are no refunds if you are unavailable for your scheduled session, except for when there is force majeure (see #4 in Terms of Service).

Is there an age limit to book a session and participate in a session?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older.